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A $15/20 donation is suggested and
appreciated.   253-439-0078.

Next Concert:  December 16th
Larry Murante.
It's no surprise that Seattle-based
Larry Murante has a reputation as
one of the finest contemporary
singer songwriters to emerge from
the Northwest in recent years.

His beautifully woven stories
about every day folks, set to song,
combine compassionate, socially
conscious lyrics and a joyful,
energetic folk/rock style. Jackson
Brown, Lyle Lovett, Hal Ketchum
and Michael McDonald are all
reflected in his music. Larry is
known for his soaring,
mellifluous, tenor, a strong
rhythmic guitar style and an
engaging stage presence.  Larry is
a Grand Winner of the prestegious
John Lennon song writing contest.

Potluck begins at 6:00 and the
music starts at 7:00.

A $20 donation is suggested.
The Olalla Community Club
is located at 12970 Olalla
Valley Rd SE, Olalla, WA
Flagship Romance

Larry Murante Litttle Patch of
Those Days
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