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A $15/20 donation is suggested and
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Next Concert:  January 13th
Dan Weber

When I saw Dan Weber perform at
the Folk Alliance Far West
Conference a couple of years ago I
was really taken with his voice,
guitar work and storytelling.  I
knew he needed to perform for my
friends at the Olalla Community
Club.  Luckily for us, he agreed.

Dan will be our featured artist for
January 13th.  Potluck starting at 6:
00 and the music at 7:00.    

In a few short years since his
debut to a standing ovation at the
Sisters Folk Festival, former
National Park Ranger Dan Weber
has become a sought after
national touring artist for his
upbeat and engaging
performances, insightful songs,
and hilarious off-the-cuff stories.
None other than legendary Folk
troubadour Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
said “I love Dan’s songs and he
tells really good stories.”

His songs have been described as
"Guthrie-esque and reminiscent of
early John Prine" and "A rare
combination of wit, emotion and
Harry Chapin-esque imagery" and
the UK’s Maverick Magazine said:
"4 Stars: The touch of a true
Master Craftsman songwriter."
There’s also been recognition
from DJ’s: "Hank and Jesus is
easily the best folk song I heard
last year" and The Victory Review
wrote "Weber's writing is as
strong as any in the Contemporary
Folk community. Goodbye to Dad
is one of the best original tunes
that I have heard in a long time."

Potluck begins at 6:00 and the
music starts at 7:00.

A $20 donation is suggested.
The Olalla Community Club
is located at 12970 Olalla
Valley Rd SE, Olalla, WA
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Hank and Jesus - Dan Weber