If you are interested in attending a concert or getting on the
emailing list,  please email
info@olallahouse.org  or call (253)
Detailed directions will be emailed back.  Each
concert is limited to approximately 30 people so please email
early.  We are suggesting  a $15 Donation for most of our
* concert schedule *
Olalla Community Club
Next Concert:   Saturday, June 24th, Allison Preisinger
Coming up June 24th Allison Preisinger

  •  June 24th Allison Presinger

  Next Series 2017-2018
Past Performers
Brad Warren and Larry Murante

Big Shoes featuring  Larry Johnson and Gary Engbrecht from Port
Townsend, WA  

Carl Tosten from Seattle, Washington.

Elisa Korenne from Minnesota by way of New York City

Chuck Pyle  from Colorado.

Deborah Bartley and Sunmay from Seattle

Nancy K. Dillon with Stacy Phillips and Paul Elliot

Eva Tree and The Gospel of Luck
Olalla Community Club
Concert Series

Allison Preisinger

Northwest musicians and fans have
described Seattle singer-songwriter
Allison Preisinger’s music as raw and
honest. Allison has an eclectic range
of influences including Ryan Adams,
Cat Stevens, Regina Spektor and
Flogging Molly. Her writing and
performances provide a combination
of the sincerity of an unplugged Eric
Clapton with the melodic poetry of a
solo Joni Mitchell.

All concerts are part of a benefit for
the preservation of the Olalla
Community Club for which we
request a donation of $15 to $20 or
whatever you feel you can afford.  

Thank you for supporting our
community and live music.